Cathy LaLonde

Cathy LaLonde

Jazz now 9mth old Yorkie

Owners: Cathy and Mike LaLonde

We sent Jazz sent to T&T Dogs Unleashed because she rushed to the door when opened and escape. Her barking when the door bell rang was becoming a issue. We needed some more discipline with walking through the neighborhood because she pulls at the leash a lot. She is a very excitable little Yorkie.  She went there for 10 days and when she came back. She knows her commands. Jazz wasn’t crated at night and we wanted that to be introduced as part of your regime. When she did come back, she was able to be crated throughout the night. She is doing much better with her walking as she is heeling much better.

The follow up lesson post boot camp is helping reinforce that as we are walking around community. I feel that I’m getting much better in taking control of her while she is outside which is our most critical time as we don’t want her to get loose. So, I would highly recommend T&T Dogs Unleashed if you want a little discipline to your dogs.


Cathy LaLonde December 9, 2016