Samantha Marie

Samantha Marie

Years ago I put my 1 year old male Akita into a obedience class for beginners, this was the beginning of a long stressful road for not only myself but for my dog Rocky.
Some background about Rocky, he was very territorial of myself, our family and house. He would test limits, had poor manners, had the potential to be very aggressive towards people and other animals, had a very high prey drive and very stubborn.

I went through 3 different trainers, who all became visually frustrated, which also translated into the training and eventually at the end all deemed rocky untrainable. Until we met Cindy. Cindy was referred to us by a neighbor. we had nothing to lose.

Cindy came to the house herself to assess Rocky. From the beginning, Cindy worked to gain trust from not only me but from Rocky, she developed a positive relationship. Cindy not only calmly explained everything but showed she was able to handle our “untrainable” dog. She never showed fear, or frustration. She was always there for questions, concerns or emergencies and yes there were emergencies. She went above and beyond. Other Trainers would show up for a session and leave, Cindy not only was Rocky’s trainer, she showed compassion towards him and treated him like he was her own. Years later we still work with Cindy and she is still available for any questions or concerns or even just clarifications.

Rocky would not be the dog he his today and that is all completely due to Cindy’s professionalism, dedication, her continuing education in the field and love for those stubborn pups.

Samantha October 18, 2019