November 15, 2019

My Mini Schnauzer now listens and stays in his place when people come to the door, he is trustworthy off leash and listens to commands. We both got an education in dog ownership and I highly recommend this service.

November 15, 2019

Cindy was incredible and very intuitive with the dogs in our course. It was amazing watching her work with the dogs! It was a pleasure meeting her, and Lady dog and I look forward to seeing you again.

November 15, 2019

Hey Cindy! I have been meaning to send you a message for awhile... I just wanted to thank you so much for the training you did with our nikita!! she is such a wonderful little girl😊
we are walking daily off leash and she is doing amazing with it, our neighbors are blown away with how well she listens when we are out front off leash.
anyway just wanted to say thank you Cindy😁😁

October 18, 2019

Years ago I put my 1 year old male Akita into a obedience class for beginners, this was the beginning of a long stressful road for not only myself but for my dog Rocky.
Some background about Rocky, he was very territorial of myself, our family and house. He would test limits, had poor manners, had the potential to be very aggressive towards people and other animals, had a very high prey drive and very stubborn.

I went through 3 different trainers, who all became visually frustrated, which also translated into the training and eventually at the end all deemed rocky untrainable. Until we met Cindy. Cindy was referred to us by a neighbor. we had nothing to lose.

Cindy came to the house herself to assess Rocky. From the beginning, Cindy worked to gain trust from not only me but from Rocky, she developed a positive relationship. Cindy not only calmly explained everything but showed she was able to handle our "untrainable" dog. She never showed fear, or frustration. She was always there for questions, concerns or emergencies and yes there were emergencies. She went above and beyond. Other Trainers would show up for a session and leave, Cindy not only was Rocky’s trainer, she showed compassion towards him and treated him like he was her own. Years later we still work with Cindy and she is still available for any questions or concerns or even just clarifications.

Rocky would not be the dog he his today and that is all completely due to Cindy's professionalism, dedication, her continuing education in the field and love for those stubborn pups.

September 18, 2019

Cindy is a master at what she does! Dexter was with her for 6 weeks. When we took him to her he wanted to literally attack anyone he didn't know. If someone came to our home first he would bark in attack mode for a long period. Then we would put his muzzle and leash on and it would be kept on while we had visitors. If those visitors moved in anyway he would lunge at them. When he was in the car he would bark non stop at every car and person that we passed. It was dreadful to say the least!

Today he is a pleasure to be around and in the car he doesn't carry on at all!! He saw my dad yesterday and pretty much ignored him which is something he never did. Previous to his training he would watch people he didn't know with a vengeance we new this and it scared us to death!!

I don't know how Cindy changed this mind frame! She truly is a animal miracle worker!!! We will be posting before and after videos to illustrate this wonderful transformation!!! Cindy Draper thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!We will be forever grateful!!

August 28, 2019

Jackson went through board and train with Cindy to address his leash manners and dog reactiveness. This training has allowed us to have the tools and the confidence to take him for walks and he even made 2 new friends! We will continue to work with him, working on his leash skills and his meeting other dogs. Without Cindy, these interactions would have never been possible. Highly recommend her programs.

May 27, 2019

Cindy is an amazing trainer who takes the time to understand each dogs individual need. My dog is very reactive and Cindy never gave up on him. After completing the 6 week basic obedience class I am able to walk my dog with calm and confidence. He is making better choices and is less reactive on leash. I learned so many skills that I can continue to use and am a better dog owner overall. Thank you Cindy and T&T Dogs Unleashed!

April 24, 2019

After 8 weeks of training, I had a new dog! I want to personally thank Lisa for all her help and guidance with respect to training my 1-year-old Duke. Lisa's attention to detail, follow-ups and assurances that that Duke captured each lesson successfully before moving on to more advanced training. Duke is a highly energetic dog who I must admit, took me for walks. Lisa nipped that in the bud within a couple of sessions. Secondly, Duke would be overly aggressive in playing with his little sister Daisy. Lisa's teaching techniques made a total difference and transformation of Duke. He now is more respectful of his playing. His jumping and manners have taken a 360 and he has become a delightful dog to be around for both myself, my family, friends and people in general. I can't thank Lisa enough for what she has done for me and my family. Personally, I have learned a lot through training with Lisa. I am more aware of what is required to be the leader of the pack sort of speak and behaviours. I am so excited to take more advanced training with Lisa in the future. I would definitely recommend her as a trainer. Thanks again!

Best regards,

April 24, 2019

With Lisa's guidance, we were able to help our dog Flash find his place within our family structure, and have positive interactions with family and friends within our home. I have seen Flash's role go from an aggressive protector of the family to a happy calm member of a pack. Lisa's expertise and calm nature gave me the confidence and support to help train Flash to be a happy and well-balanced dog.

April 24, 2019

We just completed private lessons for basic obedience with Lisa.  When we started, we felt that we had lost control of our dog.  Some of the issues he exhibited included jumping, barking, aggression, resource guarding.  In short, he was unpredictable and often not very pleasant to be around.  After completing the basic obedience, we are so pleased with the changes in our dog.  Lisa provided us with the tools to modify not only our dog’s behaviour but our own as well.  The end result is a much happier and well-behaved dog, and a more peaceful household.  I can’t say enough about Lisa’s kindness and professionalism.  She obviously loves her work.  She had an answer or a solution to every scenario that we presented her with.  We looked forward to our lesson every week!

April 24, 2019

Lisa Cyr was our 911 when we needed help with Ringo. He is a big, stubborn, willful Lab puppy. In some cases Lisa was able to help us correct bad behaviours immediately and permanently, others are more of a work in progress. The important thing is that thanks to Lisa, we have "tools in our toolbox." Lisa worked patiently on basic obedience training, and always took the time to work on Ringo's particular problem behaviours. The "at home" sessions were well worth the money as they were intense and productive. We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa. She is our "dog whisperer.

April 24, 2019

We are thrilled with the results of our training with Lisa. Our dog Meeka's aggressive behaviour was to the point where I no longer felt safe walking her on my own. After working with Lisa not only is Meeka happier and healthier but the relationship we were able to build from the training has given me confidence as a dog owner I never had before. My husband and I now have strategies to cope with any unwanted behaviours, and we no longer have issues staying in control. We are constantly receiving compliments from neighbours on how much Meeka has improved. We went from avoiding all dogs on the street to now stopping and making some new doggy friends. Lisa was a wonderful trainer to work with. She was professional, dependable and patient and always available for questions outside of our training time. I would highly recommend working with her for any of your training needs!

April 24, 2019

Our 6 month old labradoodle just finished a 2 week board and train program with Lisa. The change is amazing. Our dog is calm, obedient and polite. Lisa has answered all of our questions and is available for ongoing support. I would absolutely recommend Lisa and any of her programs in a heartbeat. Thank you Lisa for helping us!

April 24, 2019

After spending 8 weeks training with Lisa I can say I have the most amazing lab, Murph, that I love to death.  8 short weeks ago this was not the story, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Murph was just over a year old and STUBBORN!  I have never trained a dog before and Murph and I were in desperate need of help.  This is when we found Lisa.  She was amazing and I am beyond thankful we found her.  The progress Murph and I made with Lisa’s training was amazing, it was like night and day.  We went from Murph not being able to sit for 5 seconds, jumping on everyone, and hurting herself from pulling during walks, to being able to sit, lay-down, stand, stay, come, and (most importantly for me) go on walks and enjoy them!  Lisa is wonderfully patient and gave me the knowledge and tools to continue to progress with Murph and other dogs that I may have in the future.  Lisa not only helped with obedience but she also helped Murph and my bond.  I can’t thank Lisa enough for what she did for Murph and I!

February 19, 2019

Highly skilled and well educated on behavior of dogs I have trusted Cindy with both my dogs as puppies to build on there skills and still growing with our dogs she has offered her knowledge which she keeps her self up to date with 2019 raw diet and tons of new information for dogs to have a better life within a family with children dogs need to have training to help benefit them also they are not just a pet they are family member

January 19, 2019

I have a foster bullies who needed some guidance. Cindy was amazing with helping Freya and I work together as a team. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable & full of great ideas to help you & your pup. Freya & I learnt so much and the change in Freya is amazing, she has learnt great manners, how to control herself in a crowd, how to listen and respond to commands, her leash work is spot on. I also learnt so much about my dogs needs & how to respond to various situations. Freya has done so well under Cindy's guidance that she has been adopted and will be leaving for her forever home very soon

January 18, 2019

-Phone Consult ? training advice -  I was having issues with my Olde English Bulldogge being overly assertive and possessive when it came to myself and the kids. She thought she owned me and our couch! A few conversations with Cathy and some training advice and we got the negative behaviour completely turned around. I highly recommend her services! Frankie now knows her place in our family pack and we are all happier!

December 9, 2016

Jazz now 9mth old Yorkie

Owners: Cathy and Mike LaLonde

We sent Jazz sent to T&T Dogs Unleashed because she rushed to the door when opened and escape. Her barking when the door bell rang was becoming a issue. We needed some more discipline with walking through the neighborhood because she pulls at the leash a lot. She is a very excitable little Yorkie.  She went there for 10 days and when she came back. She knows her commands. Jazz wasn’t crated at night and we wanted that to be introduced as part of your regime. When she did come back, she was able to be crated throughout the night. She is doing much better with her walking as she is heeling much better.

The follow up lesson post boot camp is helping reinforce that as we are walking around community. I feel that I’m getting much better in taking control of her while she is outside which is our most critical time as we don’t want her to get loose. So, I would highly recommend T&T Dogs Unleashed if you want a little discipline to your dogs.


December 9, 2016

My family and I are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Cindy. Our 6 month old puppy (bouvier/shep/border collie) has incredibly bad behaviour issues, house breaking issues, and my children are afraid of him because he's so jumpy and bitey. With baby number 3 due in 2 weeks... we were at our wits end. It was find help or we would have to get rid of the puppy. Cindy takes from her personal time to help us, she's so incredibly knowledgeable and kind. Very much in it for the love of dogs. She is a blessing to us, and Warwick is learning so much. We have high hopes that he i changing for the better!!! With hard work, patience and Cindy's help, I can't imagine failing now.

Thank you Cindy.

Warwick is a work in progress. We have been doing chat and phone sessions with Shantie Lee. We will continue to keep you updated on this progress as time goes on.