At T&T Dogs Unleashed, We Practice a BALANCED dog training philosophy


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Cindy has years of dog training experience, and can help your dog make better choices. Our services include dog training, in-home training, dog walks, board & train, puppy socialization, ecollar training, leash walking, community interaction, rescue rehabilitation, and obedience.

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Our facility located in Kemptville, Ontario has ample space for dogs to play, relax, and learn good behaviours. Whether you're heading back to working in an office, are a shift worker, or simply need a hand keeping your dogs energy at bay, come visit our dog daycare.

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Get a head start on socialization your puppy, and teaching them good manners. Serving the Ottawa, and surrounding area,T&T Dogs Unleashed offers puppy classes, good behaviour tests, and training classes for other levels of adult dogs.

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Best in Ottawa Training Centre!!

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Available in Kemptvile, and servicing the Ottawa & surrounding area. If you're an existing client, book your appointments. If you're a new client, book a meet and greet. We look forward to seeing you!

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Within 15 minutes my previously anxious and aggressive dog was walking calmly beside me listening to commands and letting people walk by without batting an eye. Cindy coached me through the process and both Kira and I felt more confident and at ease. During our walk we saw a lot of dogs and instead on holding back an 85 lb dog while she was snapping and growling we used Cindy’s tools to walk by unbothered. I highly recommend Cindy she has transformed my girl for the better! Can’t wait to do more sessions with her!

Julia Natasha

Danny and I love Cindy and the crew. They have helped Danny get over his fear of strangers and he now has human friends that he looks forward to seeing every time he visits.

Taunya Robb

Cindy and her crew have been so amazing with my Cocker Spaniel Puppy Finley and my family. We have had our fair share of struggles not just with Finley but also with the kids. Without Cindy we wouldn't have our amazingly well behaved, super chill, sweet young man. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend T&T Dogs Unleashed to any dog owner who is in need of support!

Erin Duncan

Cindy is the absolute best when it comes to dog training. She has been working with our dog for almost a year now and I can't recommend her enough when it comes to dealing with anxiety and behavioural issues in dogs. She helped our family a lot when we struggled understanding our dog's issues.

Milena Gorichnaya

My husband and I were struggling with unwanted reactive behaviours in our Bully and were at a loss. A close friend recommended Cindy and our lives have changed for the better once we signed up for her class. She’s helping Huck build his confidence, us build our confidence and overall work better together! It’s Truly amazing. We are forever grateful and will refer anyone dog parents we meet to her

Tiffany Drummond

My Mini Schnauzer now listens and stays in his place when people come to the door, he is trustworthy off leash and listens to commands. We both got an education in dog ownership and I highly recommend this service.

Karen Ilona Sorensen