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At T&T Dogs Unleashed, We Practice a BALANCED dog training philosophy

~ Cindy

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Every Dog is Unique and Every Solution is worked out for the indiviual dog.

T&T Dogs Unleashed is devoted to you finding the peace, balance, and build a harmonious partnership between you and your beloved dog. When looking for a dog trainer, are you looking for not just help, but also compassion and understanding? Whether you need obedience training, behaviour modification or education and socialization for your dog. We understand the psychology of dogs and can help you to create a well behaved, well-adjusted pet that you can fully enjoy in every environment.

At T&T Dogs Unleashed our programs can fill your needs as a dog lover and pet owner with a balanced approach which will help create a happy, healthy, balanced dog and an owner that can communicate with confidence and leadership!

You and your dog can achieve:

  • Calm and Quiet Greeting Behavior when someone comes to the door
  • Polite House Manners no matter the situation
  • Relax in Long Down Stays
  • Enjoyable Walks in any environment and with distractions
    • Have your dog come when you call?
    • Off-Leash FREEDOM
    • A dog you can proudly take anywhere
Puppy at dog training | T&T Dogs Unleashed