In-Home Behavioral Training

Private in-home Dog Training Programs

Basic and Advanced obedience training program is the best thing you can do for your dog. Training helps make life simple for your dog and eliminates confusion. With the development of clear communication and training it will promote a harmonious relationship with your dog. We focus on the foundation skills in training and then specialize the program that best meets the needs of you, your family and your dog. The basic foundation skills are “sit, down, place, come and leash manners are just a few.” When moving on to the advance level of obedience training. We will be adding distractions, new environments, durations and release word (break) proof skills learned. In addition to the above we look at nuisance behaviours, like barking, chewing, jumping, nipping, bolting doors and any other problem. We make sure that we give our clients and dogs the tools for success. This will include e-collar (if required), training manual, private lesson once per week for the time of the program, then group classes and socialization, group walks for one year following program completion.