Dog Boot Camps

Puppy Foundation Boot Camp

If you are thinking of getting a puppy and worried you might not have the time for all that foundation’s work. We have a program for you. This program is designed to start your puppy on the road to success. This will include the crate training, housebreaking and the basic foundation skills of sit, down, place, “break” (release command) and leash manners.

Balanced Foundation Boot Camp

This program is for dogs of any age that requires basic manners and life skills. This will include crate training and basic foundation skills and mild distractions. Your dog will learn to sit waiting with eye contact (Focus work) sit, down, leash manners, place, down duration, doorways. Release word (Break).

Enhanced Foundation Boot Camp

Again this is for dogs of any age. This program includes everything in the “Balanced” plus, place duration, higher level of distraction, proofing and improving command duration, beginning of recall, and drop it/leave it and out. Introduction of low-level e-collar training for off-leash reliability.

Complete Foundation Boot Camp

This is the complete program including all of the “Balanced and Enhanced” plus, improved recall stand and socialization with dogs and people and place. Community Interaction Program. Continued work with low-level e-collar training.