Puppy Socialization

Puppy Management and Socialization – up to 5 ½ mths

Puppies should start learning from the time they come home! We can help build a good, solid foundation. Proper socialization skills are critical for normal development and future coping skills. Conditioning and drive building are essential in raising a highly social, well balanced, and sound adult dog. Puppies are like sponges! We are geared towards proper communication, training, proper use of food, play, housebreaking, crate training, socialization and preventing and fixing nipping, mouthing, dealing with whining and barking and more!

Foundation skills

Your puppy will learn: come, sit, down, kennel, place, heel, potty on command (hurry up/get busy), off, quiet, and “Break” a release command.

Advanced Skills

we take the basic foundation and build from them. We add distraction, distance, and duration to the skills learned. Focus work and attention, come when called, Heel work, and socialization continues. With this puppy management foundation, it will make all future obedience training much easier. We build for success.