Dog Obedience Training / Off Leash

Ultimate Obedience Plus “Off Leash” control real-life situations

This program is a combination of Balanced, Enhanced, and Complete. We take this to the next level. We are putting your dogs in a number of different situations on a day to day basis. Proofing results with your dogs and adding lessons 2 x’s per week, access to a group session and socialization pack walks for a year following successful completion of this program. Then an additional fee of $100 per year to continue on in maintenance classes.

Off-Leash Reliability (Re-Call) Control in Real life situations

This program is designed to help you get the reliability, dependable re-call we are all looking for while out exploring nature. No matter the distraction we all want our dog to check in, come when called, ignore small animals & dogs, and not taking off while not on a leash. With the use of an E-collar we are adding additional information to get the response we what. We take these classes out in natures playground where distractions are not predicted and the environments change. This will include 1 session x’s 6 wks. followed by group sessions to proof your dog, then on to socialization pack walks.