Board and Train Boot Camps

What is Board and Train Boot Camp?

It is a specially designed program to allow the client to have their puppy or dog undergo training while being in complete care of the trainer for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 4 weeks and could include additional weeks depending on the severity of the issues. Your dog will be living with the trainer 24/7 in their home all while undergoing obedience and behavioural training. This program is the best way to kick start successful training goals. Board and Train Program allows us to focus on solving problematic behaviours by changing the dog’s living environment, setting boundaries, calm surroundings and allow the dog to make the right choices. Keep in mind that the problematic behaviours don’t go away overnight, there is no quick fix to the problem, and does require additional maintenance work for the dog. This program is a real-life program, we incorporate daily routine of home, practical situations in and out of the home. The dog will work in a controlled setting before we take the skills learned and add outdoor distractions, people, animals and vehicles. You dog’s day will include training sessions (obedience/behavioural), exercise, rest and play. This will happen several times per day throughout the program. You will also receive updates, video and pictures of you dog during their stay at T&T Dogs Unleashed. Once the dog has completed a Boot camp we will go over the program details in your home and make sure that you are confident in what you need to do to continue the road to success. The in-home session following completion of the program will last approximately 2 hours, where we will go all the program information, techniques, training and equipment. We will make sure you are confident before we leave. At that time your dog will have exposure to his environment but there will be new rules and boundaries in place. There will be scheduled follow up sessions following the program for personal training for yourself to help maintain and enhance your dog’s training. This will include a 1-hour session for the next 2 weeks to follow up with the client and the dog.

The program doesn’t stop there. Following the Board and Train Boot camp, you will continue on with maintenance classes in a group environment, Client Facebook page, continued access to a trainer, phone and email. The maintenance classes will be held weekly at a location to be determined by the trainer. All Board and Train clients as part of their program will have access to this for one year. There will be a small fee for additional years to continue with their maintenance program.

Skills Your Dog will learn during Boarding and Training Boot Camp;

  • General obedience
  • Loose leash walking and pack walks
  • Place command
  • Drop it or Out command
  • Crate training
  • Recall training (come when called)
  • Treadmill training
  • Bicycle training (weather permitting)
  • General manners
  • Proper socialization
  • Dog-to-dog interaction
  • Remaining calm
  • Waiting for food
  • Threshold manners (doors, car, crate, stairs, etc.)
  • Door manners when guests arrive
  • And more

We focus on behaviour modification to address issues such as;

  • Jumping up on people
  • Mouthing / Nipping
  • Excessive Barking / Whining
  • Counter-surfing
  • Not dropping things when told
  • Running out the door
  • Possessive or resource guarding behaviour
  • And any other minor behaviour problems

Boot Camps

  • Puppy Foundations
  • Balance Foundations
  • Enhanced Foundations
  • Complete Foundations
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Every Dog is unique and every solution is worked out for that dog.

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